Commercial Security Systems


A Plus Supertech Security business services give business owners the flexibility to protect, manage and control, property and personnel. Protection is layered with Burglar Alarms for protection, Access Control to manage authorized entry, and Cameras for identification and loss prevention.


Burglar Alarm

Installing a A Plus Supertech Security Burglar Alarm in your business is the first and most important step in securing your property and assets. Your Security system will alert when doors and windows are opened, motion is detected, and with sound of glassbreaking, using Door/Window Contacts, Motion Sensors and Glassbreak Sensors. These are the most popular choices when securing a perimeter and inside area. A Plus Supertech Security also offers other more advanced technologies such as Long Range, Infrared, and 360 Degree Motions, Flood Detectors, Temperature Sensors and Photoelectric Beams to name a few. Along with your A Plus Supertech Security Burglar Alarm, we recommend a Cellular Back-up unit. This unit can be used as a primary means of communication or as additional protection in the case of cut phone lines or power outages.


Cameras and Surveillance Systems
Our Business owners rely on the convenience of watching their business run from anywhere. You are able to view whats happening in and around your business LIVE from a personal PC or Mobile Device such as an iPhone or Blackberry. Monitoring warehouses, loading docks, cash registers etc. reduces opportunities for internal theft and inventory shrinkage. Not to mention the ability to view cameras live when your burglar alarm goes off, which practically eliminates false alarms. Lastly, documenting activity is crucial for assisting authorities to track and apprehend thieves, burglars, and vandals.


Property Preservation
There has been a huge increase in theft and vandalism on the exterior of businesses and homes, vacant and occupied alike. A Plus Supertech Security Systems has the solution. We install outdoor rated motion detectors and infrared beams that are pet immune and can be adjusted for any situation and landscape. When triggered, these devices sound a very loud audible siren with an optional strobe or even a voice command with instructions to leave the property. By using these devices we have seen a significant impact on deterring theft and vandalism.


Access Control
An Access Control system is used to manage entry and exit of individuals into specified areas via card, code or more advanced technologies.


Why A Plus Supertech Security
A Plus Supertech Security is a locally owned and operated company. Our friendly and experienced staff are always striving to make every experience with our customers positive and pleasant. We offer a wide variety of products to suit any circumstance and budget. Our neighborly approach and professionalism will make you feel confident when choosing 
A Plus Supertech Security as your partner for security and life safety.


Additional Services For Businesses:
24 Hour Local Monitoring
24 Hour Local Service
Local Patrol Response
Customized Security Packages
Flexible Terms and Payment Options
State of the Art Surveillance Equipment
User friendly DVR’s
User friendly Alarms


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