Security Systems

Intrusion Detection

The foundation of your security and safety starts with Intrusion Detection. Intrusion Detection gives you the ability to detect unwanted attempts at accessing your property, home and loved ones. The easiest way to build this peace of mind is to invest in a Burglar Alarm system. A Plus Supertech Security. will work with you to build a unique and comprehensive system for your home. Homes fit into two categories, pre-wired or non pre-wired.


Pre-wired Home
A Pre-wired home, is a home that is equipped with alarm cable for future installation of security devices.

Non Pre-wired

Non Pre-wired homes are not equipped with alarm cable and require wireless products.


Life Safety
A Plus Supertech Security. considers Life Safety a top priority. For added protection, life safety devices such as, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Sensors, and Medical Pendants, should be part of all complete security systems.


Smoke Detector
Having a smoke detector linked to your alarm is particularly important in Texas because emergency personnel can only respond to visually confirmed smoke. A Plus Supertech Security ensures this confirmation by dispatching a response immediately.


Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Many homes use natural gas. Carbon Monoxide Sensors detect this colorless, odorless gas, which could save your life. Because of the extreme danger of Carbon Monoxide, Emergency Personnel will respond immediately when alerted by A Plus Supertech Security


Medical Emergency Pendant
This is a service that is offered to alert emergency personnel, for those that have a medical conditions or have limited mobility.


Our local Central Station is monitored 24/7 by live operators. Services include, patrol response, open/close reporting. scheduling, and auto-arming.


Cameras and Video Surveillance
The second and equally important layer of security is the installation of cameras. Imagine sitting in your living room and being able to see the perimeter of your home, who is knocking at your door or pulling into your driveway, from your TV. Or being on vacation and watching your cameras from your PC or Mobile Device such as an iPhone or Blackberry, with internet connection. A Plus Supertech Security can make this a reality. Our Digital Video Recorders (DVR) can record months of video that is accessible from anywhere around the world with an internet connection, including your iPhone, Blackberry, smartphone, and PC.