Local Telephone Service

Are you ready to make an easy jump to a digital connection for your analog voice lines? A Plus Supertech Voice T-1's are exactly that; a simple way to get a full T1 of single and hunting lines at one low flat rate for the entire circuit.


With Voice T-1's, you can choose from a large array of individual voice features to compliment your telephone service, including:
  • Auto recall
  • Call return
  • Call block
  • Call forwarding variable
  • Call forward busy line
  • Call forward don’t answer
  • Call forward busy line /Don’t answer
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Personalized ring
  • Remote access to call forwarding
  • Selective call acceptance
  • Speed call
  • Three way calling
  • Toll restriction


    A Plus Supertech Voice T-1's are also a great way to save on telecom costs while upgrading local dial tone to digital, T1-level service. Every month you can count on a flat, low price for your local lines. This is great news for companies who want to standardize their billing and more accurately plan for telecom budgets every year.

    With a fully customized circuit to your location, you will receive higher quality digital service while reducing your overall telecommunications costs.