Long Distance Services


A Plus Supertech account codes are a surefire way to help you run a better business.


Managing long distance calls with account codes gives you the knowledge you need to better manage your business. With A Plus Supertech comprehensive and detailed account code reports, you also will be able to monitor calling patterns and continually evaluate your long distance plan.


Put account codes to good use in a variety of ways:


  • Allocate costs among departments and divisions. Capture costs specifically for your manufacturing, sales and executive divisions. Maintain control of long distance calls by providing an account code to each employee.
  • Bill clients and projects back for telephone charges incurred on their behalf. Great billing option for lawyers, accounting firms and a host of other businesses.
  • Control calling costs. Know who's calling where and how much they're spending Evaluate your bill to see if you’re spending money needlessly Understand how and when your employees are spending their time on the phone.


    If you want to make it easy for your prospects and customers to reach your business, you’ve come to the right place. A Plus Supertech makes it easy to get the best toll-free number plan for your business, bringing you competitive rates and smart billing.